AIS Administration Officer



Upon the establishment of American Intercon School on October 10, 2005, the academic staff took the role of Assistant General Secretary for Academic called AGSA.

  • Keep records of students’ official data in a school database and share it with the Department of Education, Youth and Sport and its affiliates
  • Ensure regularity of student attendance with accurate absence and permission record
  • Provide necessary assistance to teachers and principals regarding all administrative documents about students’ academic performance.
  • Regularly inform parents or guardians of their kids’ academic performance
Responsibility of AIS Administration Officer

The AIS Administration Officer is responsible for general services needed to fulfill the requirement of teaching and learning. Those include accepting admission form at the beginning of the new academic year, managing student data, recording student attendance, and informing parent or guardian of students’ absentee, disciplinary action and academic performance. Besides, secretary also keeps control of school supplies, office supplies, teaching and learning materials as well as give support in arranging different school events. In addition to this, academic secretary also works closely with vice-principals and principals to provide precise records of all necessary academic documents for education inspector from the District Office and General Department of Education, Youth and Sport.

Our efforts paid off when our school receives tremendous recognition and appreciation from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport for our remarkable contributions to the achievement and successes of the school every academic year. And that’s what makes us proud!