High School

High School

The American Intercon School is the only school that has a large yard with security guards at all entrances and exits. Particularly, the school has recruited teachers with degrees and clear pedagogy. The school also has large classrooms equipped with modern equipment to serve learning and teaching. Furthermore, our school offers a rich curriculum.  The school is committed to fulfilling an education, based on the right path, through a rich and clear Khmer-American program, at all levels from tenth to twelfth grades, in accordance with the program of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, we offer a quality service discipline.

In order to prepare high school students to become well-educated and capable people in society, the school has the following educational strategies and methods:

  • Meet the needs of students at all levels of education, including physical, intellectual, moral and student health needs.
  • The school incorporates additional programs, including experiments, research assignments, and workshop programs.
  • Study tours and research through a wide range of documents at all levels and specialties in libraries and online.
  • Inspire students to participate in competitions and participate in various social activities.
  • Students gain a clear knowledge of English, Computer Science, and Social Sciences, in order to prepare them for general education and the ability to advance to higher educational skills and specialities.
  • Students are taught to be good children, good students, good friends, and good citizens in accordance with the pillars of education. They are given the knowledge of how to live together in harmony.
  • They are taught to be responsible in learning, as well as learning to live in society.
  • They are encouraged to be brave and dare to express themselves


Mr. SOK Sonida

High School Principal

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